This is Albert Hille, my grandfather.  He was an inspiration to me and taught me the value of community and giving back to the community.  Given the shape that the world is in these days; there is merit in heeding my grandfather’s advice.

I am one of the lucky ones who discovered a career instead of a job after I graduated from university.  And twenty odd years later here I am with a small concern offering learning and development services to non-profits.

What makes me unique?   I have a lifetime of service managing and directing training and development services for major organizations in a wide variety of sectors.  I have worked for educational institutions, and in both profit and non-profit organizations.  I was a pioneer in distance education in Canada and worked closely linking community development to adult education  And I want to share – to give back some of what I have been fortunate enough to experience in my career.

But enough about me.

This site and this service is about you, if you work  for a non-profit organization.

Take a few minutes to wander around the site.  If something interests you – give me a call!

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