Training For Non -Profits is me.  So let me tell you a bit about myself.   My name is also Albert Hille (after my grandfather):

“I have served the learning community in different organizations for over 25 years. I gained a broad range of experience working in leadership positions for learning portfolios for companies such as Seaspan, Pacific Blue Cross, and BC Rail as well as various healthcare providers. I know how to make learning stick, while injecting a little fun into the proceedings.

I was Director of Learning & Development for CHIP Hospitality, a national hotel company for several years.  In this capacity, I worked with over 60 hotels, restaurants, and bars across Canada.

In my latest role I am a Principal with Hille Learning Associates.

I apprenticed my career in training and development working with community colleges and The University of Manitoba Continuing Education Division, designing and delivering credit programs. Here I learned and applied principles of adult education which has guided my practice over the years. I connected with some of the most renowned adult education theorists such as Jerold Apps, Malcolm Knowles and David Kolb.

Working for a grassroots community college in rural Saskatchewan I pioneered utilizing telephony to create remote and rural classrooms where we delivered credit and non-credit courses from local universities.  I later moved on to a major university in Manitoba and  was intricately involved in developing a province wide distance education network that linked numerous remote and rural sites to an urban university that allowed those without access to a campus to attend courses in their community in church basement and community halls with a live audio connection that linked these communities to the university campus. 

Of course, with the advent of the pc we can now engage in learning opportunities virtually everywhere through online and elearning.  Surprisingly (or not!) many of the same concerns are expressed here as they were in those early heady days of distance education.

I have been licensed to deliver training by the Kenneth Blanchard Companies, Kepner-Tregoe, Select the Best, William Bridges Managing Transitions amongst others.

Areas of excellence include change management, leadership development, and management of training portfolios. I can provide customized solutions to meet any learning need an organization may face. I have implemented learning management systems and use ADDIE, Dick & Carey, and my personal storyboarding tool to create curriculum. Whether classroom or online, I can provide a blended approach which will meet your specific needs.”

Hope that wasn’t too long and boring.  I am a much better storyteller live!

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