Is Your Training Department Considered a Center of Expertise?

You know that your training department is valued when you have a constant flow of internal customers coming to you for help, advice or recommendations.  So don’t treat these unsolicited drop-ins as an intrusion. 

There are numerous sophisticated tools on the market these days to help  show the ROI of your training projects.  None of these are as convincing as having employees speaking highly of the service they receive from you.

So instead of sending these drop in customers away, here are four strategies that you can use to build your reputation as a training center of excellence:

  1. Set up a special email site where employees are encouraged to submit their questions and set aside time at the end of each day to respond;
  2. Have a dedicated time set each week for drop-ins and when people call encourage them to come by during this time;
  3. Develop online learning paths for different positions with information on where and how related training opportunities can be accessed;
  4. Educate managers on how to link deficiencies identified during performance management sessions to training opportunities and develop a communication tool that links performance management to a training needs assessment site.  Internal training can then be developed to handle common deficiencies.

By doing the above you will also have  a continuous feedback loop that forms an ongoing part of your needs assessment.

Creating a strong partnership with the senior management team enables you to be on top of the various initiatives being planned for the future.  When new systems, tools or technology  are being introduced you will be in a position to recommend supporting training requirements and budgets.  As new ways of doing business are implemented  you will be out front with the appropriate change management tools to help the workforce adapt.

Keeping up with legislation that affects your workplace will ensure that you are out in front with training products to comply with the new regulations.  The same goes for safety or company policies.  

Be proactive in communicating with your internal customers and continuously assess their needs and you will emerge as a recognized center of expertise in your organization.

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